Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation

The US Is AGING, and our Climate is Changing

By 2034 we will be a country comprised of more older adults than children.  By 2040, one in five adults will be over 65.

And every year, our climate is changing in ways that bring more extreme temperatures, powerful storms, intense wildfires, and frequent tornados.

Our communities are not ready for the ways in which these two trends will intersect.  The evidence is clear.  In nearly every climate-enhanced disaster the majority of people who die are older adults.

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"This detailed report paints a dire portrait of a vulnerable cohort. Policymakers should take note. "
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"Climate Resilience for an Aging Nation is meant as a wake-up call. Our population is old and growing older, and there are known consequences to that aging... The book argues convincingly that the only responsible thing to do is to recognize them, plan for them, and ensure that members of one of the more vulnerable segments of our nation are protected as well as they can be."
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Climate Resilience for An Aging Nation (Island Press) explores how these two trends don't just coincide... they compound.  Action is needed by planners, health care providers, emergency managers, transportation and housing officials, elected leaders, volunteer groups, and many more to help communities better prepare for this future.  By centering the needs of older adults in planning for disasters, emergency management, and resilience, communities can reduce risk for older adults and create safer places for all.